Early Aysaita

Growing up in the 1950's, modern day Aysaita was known to us as Ordi. 

Its claim to fame was being the seat of The Afar Sultanate during Sultan Alimirah's reign, but it was the commercial capital of the region long before that.

The Sultan reigned over all from Kadda-Gasso, his palace. Sultan Alimirah's predecessor, Sultan Mohamed, had his palace in Hinnale but the move was inspired by the rapid growth occurring in Aysaita under Sultan Alimirah.

The growth was single handedly due to the Tuesday Market, locally known as Talatayto.

Every Tuesday, a bus would come from as far as Dessie, Bati, and Wallo bringing people and essential goods. This made the small city an economic hub very quickly.

This enterprise was undertaken by Aysaita's most notable entrepreneurs at the time; The Three Osmans and Abay. The Three Osmans (Osman Mohamed, Osman Sheikh, and Osman Ali) alongside their friend Abay were the only commercial link that connected Aysaita to the Highlanders. The men were originally Eritrean, yet their ethnicity was unknown mainly due to a lack of emphasis on those type of things back in the day.

What we did know, however, was that they were quite wealthy. Their ventures were very successful and inspired many tales and songs about them. One popular song mentioned all men by name, attributing characteristics to them that would last till the end of their days. The song praised Osman Mohamed's cleverness, Osman Sheikh's faithfulness, Osman Ali's cautiousness, and Abay' strength. 

All these men died of natural causes. In their wake, they had created a city teaming with life like it had never known before. To this day, the Tuesday Market is a staple of vibrant interaction and energy in Aysaita. Their legacy is a grand one. 

May their soul rest in peace.

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