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Leadership in Ethiopia has always been tenuous. With so many factions vying for control, everyone has made their case for leadership. 

Current Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed's case has been made many times over. I have heard him speak when he ascended to the role of PM. I was in attendance in Washington DC when he addressed the Ethiopian Community there. Again, recently, I heard him speak to The Ethiopian Federal Parliament. 

In all his speeches, Dr. Abiy has made promises to his people. Promises of solidarity, progression, and prosperity. 

Has he kept his promises?

The reality is, Dr. Abiy's administration has been plagued by obstacles from the beginning. There are not many promises that can be kept when one is in a constant state of emergency and, unfortunately, stability takes precedent over many promises.

A promise Dr. Abiy has kept, however, is a promise of reinvigorated energy. Dr. Abiy's time in office began with critical international acclaim. His youthful and hopeful outlook was a symbol of the new Ethiopia to the international community. His landmark accomplishment of quelling decades of aggression among brothers in the form of the Ethiopian-Eritrean Peace Treaty was thought to be impossible, and yet, Dr. Abiy completed this task with ease.

Dr. Abiy has taken enormous steps to reconcile Ethiopia with itself as well, by releasing many political prisoners and repatriating many people the diaspora.

With that being said, it is true, there are many promises Dr. Abiy has yet to accomplish. And again, it is true, we have only his word that he wishes to fulfill all his promises. 

It is my humble opinion that Dr. Abiy deserves the benefit of the doubt. Dr. Abiy deserves to be given a chance to fulfill his promises to the people of Ethiopia. For us as a people to be up in arms at promises not kept while simultaneously creating the instability that doesn't allow for promises to be kept is counter productive. 

Power must be held accountable. Power must be scrutinized. But power must also be given the chance to work for the people.

Let us break from the circle of mistrust and greedy power acquisitions and give those of us with the ability to do something the chance to do something. 

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