Ethiopian Protests 2020

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

In my observation, the periods of turmoil and instability are not a new occurence in Ethiopia. For the past 50 years, noble intentions for change have led to horrible regimes. My generation ushered the arrival of Mengistu The Butcher in our search for change. It has not gotten better since. In 2018, that cycle of misguided acts for change looked to come to a positive outcome with PM Abiy Ahmed coming into power. The current generation of Ethiopians do not know how lucky they are that their search for change isn't leading to bloodshed like generations past. It's with that perspective that I offer my humble advice: Ethiopia has a long way to go for it to fulfill its eternal promise of harmony amongst all it's people. The way to get there is through dialogue and negotiation. In the past, my generation and those who came after plunged us into longstanding violence for a similar quest for change. Its only with the benefit of hindsight that I'm able to offer the advice of that not being the proper way to go about it. The Facebook Activists seek to agitate and instigate the people on the ground from the comfort and safety of their computers not knowing or not caring about the very real and violent consequences of their posts. We cannot allow for mistakes of the past to repeat themselves. It is this hard earned wisdom I offer. Ethiopia is poised to have its Elections soon and that is a time to let all our choices and grievances known through the democratic process. Till then, let us work together to keep Ethiopia stable and united.

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