Sultan Hanfare Alimirah Passing

The recent passing of my childhood friend, brother, and Sultan, Hanfare Alimirah, has been very hard to bare in these difficult times. However, the amount of outpouring support, love, and compassion that has been shown by all those around us these past few days has been beyond heart warming.

I couldn't have asked for a better brother in this lifetime, and it is as a brother and Afar elder that I humbly extend my deepest of gratitude and thanks to everyone who has called or messaged to extend their condolences and well wishes in the days after. Our family has found comfort in your loving words.

Second, I would like to thank the Ethiopian Government led by PM Abiy Ahmed for orchestrating a grand send off for the Great Sultan. The recognition of the Sultan's status and history to Afars and Ethiopians in general is the highest of respects that could ever be afforded to him.

I would also like to thank Afar Regional President, Awal Arba, all the Ethiopian Regional Presidents and Ministers, and the President, Prime Minister and delegates of Djibouti for paying their respects at the funeral proceedings.

Finally, I would like to extend my thanks to Ugas Mustafa, the Sultan of Issa, for paying his respects to the late Sultan. Alongside our great Sultan, the Ugas has worked tirelessly to curb the recent conflicts between the Afar and Issa. Sultan Hanfare's legacy will always be one of a freedom fighter, working forever towards eternal peace. Sultan Hanfare expressed this desire for peace at a recent Elders Meeting that aimed to create a cease fire between Afars and Issa. Then and now, the Ugas reaffirmed his support for peace alongside the Sultan. So I thank Ugas Mustafa and hope that our peace is long lived in the spirit of Afar Sultan Hanfare Alimirah.

Loss is not easily overcome, but your love and support will make it easier every day. Thank you all.

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